A BUNCH OF DYKES is a group of lesbians who got our name from this incident.

& WE RECRUIT!  Seeking dykes who are interested in organizing politically, building LESBIAN community, and identifying ways to support other lesbians.  If you’re a LESBIAN* who would like to join us, please contact us at bunchofdykes@gmail.com.




One thought on “about

  1. I am happy to have A Bunch of Dykes in the world! So, I’m bisexual but I can’t say there’s a man in my life I haven’t felt abused or violated by. People always seem confused or even angry when I talk about how much I love women and that I want to support them. I try hard to build up women in my life, because I see all the females in my life being degraded and violated constantly. They don’t deserve it. I don’t like to keep my mouth shut either.

    So my question is: what’s A Bunch of Dykes policy on bi-women who are done with men and might be a really repressed lesbian who has yet to reach that self understanding because she’s only in her 20s?

    I understand if your not here for this kind of in between thing, but I have to thank you for making this site anyway because I would probably go insane without it; people in my life really hate women.

    Thank you!


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